Sunday, July 08, 2012

Kate Upton is Talent

If you picked up this month's issue of GQ, you maaaay have seen this picture... 

...but probably not because I just made this on my computer using MS Paint like a 4th grader.

This month's issue actually looks more like this.

And for lovers of of phallic not-so-subtleties everywhere, America is all the better for it.

As I fingered my grubby paws through the pages of this issue, I couldn't help but think to myself, I sure can't wait to be introduced to Ms. Kate Upton's breasts talents.

Midway through the article, I couldn't help but notice that they didn't really spell out exactly what those talents were.  So naturally I Googled our friend here, and I finally discovered her buoyant assets.

At first I thought there was going to be more to it, but that's really it.  Initially, I was a little confused, and then I watched it again and again and again...and it all made sense.

If you need more convincing, well, here you go.


In addition to all these skills, I'm told Kate Upton also has a well-endowed bosom.

America in decline?  I think not.

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