Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fuzzy Father's Day Memories

Actually, I believe my Papa is pretty indifferent about Mambo, but the song makes me happy and let's be honest, this blog is all about me.

Much like you, I too have a Father, a man who help give me life, and taught me to roll up my sleeves two folds - you know, so it looks professional, but like you're not afraid to get your hands dirty -like in All the President's Men, yeah, like that. Also the axiom that has most closely guided my life: if you're not quite sure about something, just make it up and hope no one notices. You know, the important stuff.

Yes, my poppa has taught me quite a lot over the past 33 years.  While I have no memories before Facebook existed, I'd like to take you on a trip through the Garrigan Family Scrapbook to share a few special moments that I've had the good fortune to share with Dear Old Dad.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Downton Abbey & Current American Attitudes

There's been a change in me...


A kind of moving on. Though what I used to be, I still depend upon. For now I realize, that good can come from bad. That may not make me wise, but oh it makes me glad. These are the immortal words of Howard Ashman & Tim Rice from Disney's Beauty & the Beast.

What is this new awareness, this heightened understanding?

I have just consumed all 16 episodes of Downton Abbey in a little less than (5) days.  I know I may be a little late to the party, but ooooh buddy I am hooked.

Oh yeah...and now I have shit figured out too, bro.



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