Sunday, March 11, 2012

Help Disgustingly Talented People Do Weird Things

This is David Neumann.  He is disgustingly talented.  He has a multi-disciplinary performance company called Advanced Beginner Group.  The reason it is called this is because he's artsy and that's just the kind of name artsy people give to their groups.

Have you ever wanted to be artsy?  No? Okay, have you ever wanted to give money to people who are artsy? I can't hear you so I'm going to assume that's a yes.  Luckily there's an opportunity for you!  Here's just a little bit about the gig:

Are you pumped to help David do weird amazing things? Of course you are.

Just to give you a sense of his skills, this is an impromptu dance that David and I created at a wedding.

If he can create beautiful imagery like this on the fly, just imagine what he can do when he actually tries!  Give him some loot. I did and I feel fantastic.

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