Monday, February 06, 2012

I Just Made SO MUCH MONEY Writing Words on the Internet

Oh my goodness, you guys.  People like doing flash mobs and you should video record these flash mobs so that Asians can recreate them with eerie precision.  It's true. Just look at this and then look at this.

But enough about copyright infringement and intellectual property disputes in the Asian markets.  I have more to say about videos!  So much so that some folks have decided to give me an untold sum of U.S. currency to write about it.  Yes, dolla, dolla bills!

Videos + words + me = obscene amounts of loot.  

Like seriously, no human should make as much as I JUST MADE writing this article.  They were only going to pay me just a little bit of loot, but I think they really liked my transitions or one of my adverbs or something and they said, "aw fuck it, let's give him A LOT OF LOOT!"  ...and that's just what they did.

You want to read this amazing work that got me all that loot?  You bet you do and here's what you can do: You can click right here.

or here


From there line up the words until opinions about videos in marketing create movies in your mind.  It will be like Miss Saigon, except with less Asian prostitutes and again, more thoughts about the use of videos in marketing.


...and then come back and watch this video so you can act aloof when someone posts it on your Facebook wall tomorrow.

A special thanks to good my good Editor and the folks at Magnet Media.  I'll be posting some more soon (hopefully); so read it because I want to make EVEN MORE LOOT.

Sorry, my caps lock is !!!BROKEN!!!!

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