Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Day of the Show: "Call It What You Will...An Evening of the L Word"

You know, a lot of people ask me a lot of questions.  Questions like, "Hey asshole, why are you hogging all the guacamole?" and "Yo, short stack, where's the shitter?"

But another question that I frequently get is, what does a cultured business professional like yourself who lives an active lifestyle do for fun during the week?  The answer is simple: I hunker down in my underground bunker and X off the etchings on my homemade Mayan calendar, just counting down till End of Days.

Yes, a totally debilitating fear of Judgement Day makes me a complete and total shut in. So when I do leave the house, you know it's for something BIG.

That's why I'm encouraging you to join me in leaving your house too on a Tuesday to go and enjoy the song stylings of the incomparable Lauren Blackman.

I can say from my time treading the boards with this lovely lady that she is just fantastic!  So here's what you should do: You should pick up your mobile phone device and use the numbers to place a call (this is different than texting, as when the phone begins ringing you should place the device to your ear to communicate using your words to the person at the end of the line) to reserve your tickets -here's how!
  1. Steal someone's phone on the subway
  2. Call the Laurie Beechman Theater - 212.695.6909
  3. Reserve a block of 200 tickets
  4. Find 200 friends
  5. At 6:45pm arrive at the Laurie Beechman at 407 West 42nd Street (@ 9th Avenue) with 200 friends
  6. Take a seat as directed by the hostess
  7. Order some calamari or cheese stix or something
  8. Listen to music
  9. Go home & get on Facebook
  10. Tell everyone you know that you, like me, left your house, listened to someone singing lovely songs live at your face, and share that Lauren is the cat's pajama's!
It's just that easy!   Would you like a taste of what you'll see tonight? Well, okay!

Sound good?! Yes, indeed!  SOOOOO, I'll see you tonight -unless I run out of dates on my Mayan Calendar, in which case, have a nice (after)life!

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