Monday, January 09, 2012

I Got Stated (with Patti Murin)

I love me.

...and I also love girls with incredible abdominal muscles.  You know, real -badaboom- "athletic-like". Recently, I combined these two loves as I joined the writing staff of stated as a Performing Arts Contributor.  In this new capacity, you'll find me tempering my love of star-fucking (both real and imagined) with unparalleled, shameless self-promotion.  In this first installation I have a chat with Patti Murin star of the sadly now shuddered, Lysistrata Jones.  She's a super fantastic lady and I'm sure you'll see her again super soon -in fact, I know you will.  If I can just get $4M more from investors for Patrick: The Musical.  But enough of that sassafras, CLICK THIS HYPERLINK THAT I HAVE HIGHLIGHTED HERE, YES THIS ONE THAT IS ALL CAPS AND BOLD AND A DIFFERENT COLOR to hear my interview with the delightful, M(r)s. Murin(-Holbrook).

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