Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Morning After

This is a picture of an establishment in Astoria, Queens that I may have patronized last night as part of a bachelor party for a friend. It is clear that I hate this friend or I never would have been complicit in taking him to such a shithole.

As I awoke this morning I felt a little bad about being in on the selection of such a horrible venue AND THEN actually purchasing him a lap dance for him at that same locale.  Plagued with a fleeting guilt, I texted my apologies.  This was his reply:
"It's ok. The seats back there were super dirty. It was either the coke or a general look of sadness in her eyes when she told me 'congratulations'."
And so let that be a lesson to you.  Fathers, pay attention to your daughters lest they be relegated to grinding on my hilariously dickish friends for cash.

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