Monday, June 13, 2011

TONY Tweet Time

They say the neon lights are bright on Broad....way somewhere in the 70's which is actually on the Upper West Side and not the Theatre District, but whatever -and they say Neil Patrick Harris too was there!

Not only was he there, but there were other nouns too! Nouns like Hugh Jackman, a puppet horse and Christina Hendrick's tittays. What exactly did you miss, you squeal? Well let's find out.

Chums, what you're about to read are my tweets from the Tony's.  Don't mention it.  The way the Twitter widget works though, it goes from the back to the front.  So just imagine we're starting from the end and going to the beginning.  Like Momento or Run Lola Run or some shit like that, k?  I was drinking, so lay off, PAL.

And with that I give you...

[Ed: The hashtag used to create this widget has expired, please scroll to the end to see a transcript of the feed.]

Greatness with Garrigan Gumption Tony Tweets

Wasn't that fantastic? NO??? Well it still beats doing your job. Which you're horrible at, by the way. Good night theatre trash, wherever you are and well done Neil Patrick Harris. Well done.

Tony Tweets - Here's the link to where it begins and then you can read everything after it from June 12th, or not.  It's over now. All over now....

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