Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Special Election Message from Sarah Palin

I am a man. A man with friends in high places.

Yes, ever since my parents bought me that membership to the Columbus Zoo, I have been a friend to the grizzlies -Mama or otherwise.  As many of you know, over the past few years I have covered the meteoric rise of Sarah Palin, and over the course of my work, well, we've become "close."

How close you ask?  You'll find out right after the jump.


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Monday, October 25, 2010

Beauty in the Bottle: Why Dove Can Kiss My Ass

Oh my good Lawdy, Dove can kiss my ever lovin' ass.

When you look at this collection of ladies, what do you see?  Well, if you're me -and you're not, remember- you see a horribly tacky upper thigh tattoo and some girls who, if given the opportunity, you would probably engage in some seriously naughty "range rovin'", but who probably wouldn't crack Maxim's Hot 100.  Good news ladies, that's OKAY! My beef with you is not that I can't bounce a quarter off your ass.  I don't want to do that.  It is a weird expression and just an odd activity that I have no desire to take part in.  No, my problem is that you buy into this woe-is-me-I-am-a-victim-of-the-fashion-industry horseshit.  I love you just the way you are.  So grab a chicken wing and bring you, your curvy figure and your suceptablility to overly precious marketing messages and join me after the jump.


Be sure to click here to see read about the state of the theatrical union as I review Foolish Theatre Company's SKIN DEEP. Click here for the full review!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Party We Can All Believe In

For those apathetic souls among us, GWGG proudly presents your new Hopey Change.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tips for Trips: Middle East Edition

You know what the world needs now? Just a little touch of Greatness.

Well hello young kiddies!  Over the past few weeks, it may have seemed to some that my posts may have been a tad spartan and half-assed.  Well, not to me.  I only see happy literary accidents.  Bob Ross taught me this I think it is disrespectful to disagree with the deceased because they lack the ability to rebut your comments, you insensitive prick.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Kingdom of Heaven Bound

Hey All,

No bloggery today... I'm kingdom of heaven bound!

But if you're reeeeal nice, you'll get a post from Jordan, yes, Jordan (of NKOTB).


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