Monday, September 13, 2010

Patrick & Theresa Made Speech & Other Events (Like Lise & John's Wedding)

Ladies and gentlemen, last weekend something very important happened.

Yes, after writing this wildly hysterical comedy blog for (4) years (Has it really been (4) years you ask of your self and nod confidently with the knowledge that yes, it has in fact been (4) years.  Where does time go?) I was asked to perform my first professional bit of standup comedy.  I wasn't given very many details, but I was to wear a navy blue suit and the tie would be provided.  This was going to be a classy gig, I thought to myself.  White House Correspondents Dinner, perhaps?

Well, you'll see right after the jump.

I was asked to to headline the Richardson Wedding.  Well, I didn't know who these assholes were, but I was told I was going to be paid in filet mignon, so that sounded nice.  I also got word I was going to have a co-host with Theresa Woodworth.  I wasn't crazy about that, but I Googled her and she wasn't hideous so I figured, "hubba, hubba let's just see where this goes, man."

Well after a few few staple comments about how they all look so happy, etc. below please find my first standup appearance.  Click these words right here to view it in it's (near) entirety.

Okay, okay so maybe it wasn't a standup gig. Maybe it was my sister's marriage to one John Richardson.

And you know what, it was real nice.  To see the magic in action, do yourself a favor and click here.

Congrats you crazy kids!!! I hope Greece's debt is your gain!


UPDATED:  Theresa is not hideous at all!  Just look!

Hubba! Hubba!

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