Sunday, July 11, 2010

Best or Worst Campaign Ad Ever: Now 75% More Gun-y!

Do you remember this this most elegantly chapeaux'ed friend? Of course you do!

This is the fine, fine no-nonsense taker running for county ag commissioner. A man who is entirely fed up with people, "stealing dogshine from urine and porters." Well just when you thought it couldn't get more bad ass -it has!

Meet Pamela Gorman, or else.

If you were kinda drunk you might think Ms. Gorman looks like Jennifer Aniston. But I might offer up that she's more like a 90's sequel to Jennifer Aniston.  Perhaps Jennifer Aniston II: In Pursuit of Death. I think this, for I am an idiot.

Pammy here has been raising some eyebrows for her new campaign ad.  In a state gone mad, Ms. Gorman gently instructs us that salvation can be found at the muzzle of a gun:

Well that made me want to give money!  Not in in a "hope ya win" kinda way, because fuck Arizona (sorry Scottsdale!).  No, I want to give her money to improve her production values and hire more impressive voiceover talent.

Also, I want to see what she's shooting at with these weapons (illegals? ho-mo-sexuals? that pesky roadrunner?). Furthermore, I want to see where she's shooting.  If you ask me, that desert landscape is a dead ringer for Utah. Just sayin...

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