Sunday, May 02, 2010

Conan Speaks!

That's right friends, after a several months of silence, Conan speaks about his departure from the Tonight Show.  The interview isn't quite as scathing as I would like, but I guess if I had the possibility of forfeiting $32M teetering in the balance, I'd probably chose my words carefully as well.

Meanwhile in DC last night that giant sucking sound you heard was Jay Leno doing what he does best -make large groups of people simultaneously cringe.  And here he is at Nerd Prom with his unique brand of "have you ever noticed" banality:

Perhaps the AP should reconsider the "Comedian"attribution. I know it's been (4) months since this whole thing happened, but it still makes me crazy. This weekend I used finger nail clippers to pop blisters on my feet and it was 45% more enjoyable than watching this guy clumsily deliver such dated, canned crap.


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