Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Best or Worst Campaign Ad Ever?

Big Super Tuesday tomorrow! Do you have Anti-Incumbent Fever?

I don't. I have whooping cough, be sure to wash your hands.

Do you ever see something and you ask yourself, "is what I'm seeing the best thing I've ever seen or the worst?"  Well, friends, I have got one for you right here right after the "Read More" jump below! Yeehaw!

This guy is running for some bumpkin position in some state called ALABAAAHMA.  Now I've never heard of this state or this fine fellow, but evidently he's tired of Facebook and Illegals and -holy shit, GUN!

Alright class, viewer comprehension time. Best campaign video or worst? Here's why I might say best:
  • Features the soundtrack from Silverado
  • [Maverick dismounts horse] "...I've been a cop, a Marine during Vietnam -so listen up, shitstack!"
  • I don't really know who I'm rooting for in this video, him or the criminals.  For I also don't give a RIP about "Alabama."
  • After (4) listens I decided the line was, "stealing yard signs from my supporters." Prior to that all I could make out was, "stealing dogshine from urine and porters."
  • GUN! He names names and takes no prisoners!  But unlike other name namers and no-prisoner-takers -he does it with a gun!  He's got a gimmick, just like those strippers in Gypsy.
  • Speaking of meaning business, partin' shots with them mom jeans? Bullseye.
So what say you US Americans?  The best or the worst? Place your vote below by selecting a bubble and then clicking the link that says VOTE on the lower left of the box.  You bettah do it or Dale'll get to cussin' in the next video!

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