Monday, April 05, 2010

Cooking with Lisa - Easter Edition

Hey friends, remember Thanksgiving and Lise won your heart by teaching you how to make pigs in a blanket? Me neither, but now she's making other things!

That's right! We're back with another episode. This time she's making appetizers (?) and this time she's reeeeeallly angry. This spells great food and great (web)tv. Don't believe me? Well, turn up your speakers, open your hearts, and join us, cause we're...

Cooking with Lisa
"Bread Bowl?"

So now you know how to make bread bowls, Lise is angrier and I'm one step closer to fame. It's a win / win. Here's the problem: I feel like Lise is seriously thiiiiiis close to cutting down production on "Cooking with Lisa" entirely. Taking me away from fame and fortune, which is my entire reason d'etre.

Please let her know how much her cooking lessons mean to you. You can do so by commenting, emailing her c/o GWGG, or becoming a fan of her on Facebook. Do your part. The life of "Cooking with Lisa" just might depend on it.

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