Monday, March 01, 2010

So Sue Me, It's Real Nice

As I almost daily review my Google Analytics, there are three trends that you, my readers, enjoy. They are:

Seductive pictures of Chyna

Palin literary erotica

Facebook observations

This gives me a lot of information about you. Like the fact that essentially you're all shut-in sexually ambigious meatheads with naughty school teacher fettishes -and that's okay.

More importantly, it tells me a lot about... me.

I've come to realize, I spend so much time making fun of celebrities or you or your dumb kids and I never take a dag-nab second to tell you what I'm excited about. Well today, that changes!

Friends, I have to tell you I am positively thrilled to be a part of Dalliance Theater's "Who Is Jordan Bishop?" More specifically, I'm hyper excited to be working with Mallory Hawks, Erick Pinnick & Noah Racey on my little skit "Measured, Objective Reporting". Oh sure, maybe I go home and masturbate to the sound of my own words while lathering up in peanut butter and listening to old Carpenter records, but dammit, this is really thrilling! They're all so good! It's also just a lot of fun, and I realize what a wonderful little gift it is to do theatre. No... I'm not crying; it's dry in here, in -er, Jamba Juice where I do all my writing. Fuck you, okay?

Like a proud papa here are some pictures from rehearsal:

With acting

Without acting

So there you have it. If you want to come see it, and I really think you should, you can finagle that bagel by clicking here. If you don't that's fine too, but just don't never say I never said nuttin' nice, you hear me?

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