Sunday, March 21, 2010

Join Me! (or Give Me Money) and Walk to Combat MS

Last year I took a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, battling hipsters and entitled bicyclists with the most hardcore group of walkers you ever saw and were forever changed (see above)! This year Team Dan's Lost Luggage is back in the habit (ergo Team Dan's Lost Luggage: Part II) and hungry to raise even more money to combat MS!

On April 18, 2010, I will join 6,000 participants for the 21st Annual Walk MS event. Being the shameless self-promoters that I am, I wondered if you might consider sponsoring me for this walk or joining what is sure to be the most thought provoking, hilarious, titillating walk you've ever taken, because you'll be taking it with me! Huzzah!

If you would care to sponsor me, and you know you want to (because as little as $5 or $10 bucks add up very quickly), you can simply click on the link below and select "Donate to Patrick":

OR if money is tight and/or just love walking to Brooklyn and back (like last year's bad ass team members Patrick, Aaron, Erika, Leslie and Salli), you can lace up your Saucony's and share your walking skills with the world by clicking here to join Team Dan's Lost Luggage: Part II:


* Scroll down to the thermometer and to the left you'll see the link for Join Team -CLICK IT
* Follow the instructions to register
* You will then become part of the finest walking team ever assembled

While I joke, this is great charity that affects our families and those close to us. So if you have an extra buck or $200,000 that you can part with it would be very helpful to this cause. Or wake up early on Sunday and join us for the walk -you'll be glad you did (Patrick will bring Cinnabons).

My goal this year is $1,000 and I'm already half way there thanks to the generous support of:

Aaron & Leigh Thomas
Justin Brill
Abby Church
Francoise Donnell
Carol Hoffman
Patti Holbrook
Jack Lane
Megan Manning
Karen Melfi
Jake Porter
Dante Sabatino
Billy Taylor
Steven Silverstein
Shelley Thomas

Would you like to be immortalized, and achieve unparalleled fame on this here blog? Click here, give as little as a few bucks and your name will live on here forever. Thanks Gumptioneers!

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