Sunday, January 03, 2010

RIP 2009

OH NOES! WHO PUT THAT BABY IN THE BOX!?! Oh yeah, a bank. They do that for fun these days -cause why the fuck not, it's just a baby.

Wowie zowie you guys. This year is finally coming to an end and I say good riddance to bad rubbish. What a year of just crap:
  • Bailout of the banks -they proceed with obscene bonuses anyway.
  • Bailout of the auto industry -because yes, when gas is $4/gallon how could they possibly predict we might want more fuel efficient cars.
  • Everyone is famous and they're all reprehensible -(see here and here and here and here and here).
  • We got (luckily) inept terrorists coming out of our ears.
  • Swine flu will kill us all -and China too, pundits tell us, in a method TBD
Big highlight of the year -I've still got a job! But in a more universal picture there are many poors. So what is one to do? For starters, I suggest we all channel our inner-WASP and just pretend 2009 didn't happen. That's right, just like the time Grandpa Joe gave your Aunt a lobotomy, or internment camps or that time you jaywalked -fuggetaboutit. From here I do declare we shall start fresh, and get our collective shit together to make 2010 super duper!

So in closing, we call upon the good folks at JibJab to summarize:

Make it a great year everybody!

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Anonymous said...

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