Sunday, August 09, 2009

Dept. of the YouTubes: The Week I Just Made Up

Do you ever sometimes, occasionally, from time to time, periodically feel like you're sleep walking and then suddenly a week / month / year has disappeared and you have no idea what happened?


This very thing happened to me! I woke up on Monday, went to work, delivered (4) babies (for fun & profit), and then next thing I know it's Sunday I'm downloading porn while enjoying a Coffee Coolata.

That's just the way life goes sometimes, I reckon. I feel wicked bad though because I know you loyal readers come to drink from my font of pop culture knowledge, witty observations, and grooming tips. What happens when the fountain of wisdom dries up due to lack of experiences and crucial human contact?

Why you make it up using YouTube segments you pull from friend's Facebook postings, silly!

Chapeaue'd Llamas: The Unseen Threat
Docile, benign creatures -or are they?

I have long held the belief that India is the capital of the sexy, sexy. On Tuesday, I walked outside my doorstep to find that to be the case first-hand!

Sari, that's all folks. Oh me.

Crime & Punishment Desk: Invisible couple raped by Austin hipsters. (Not for the more conservative among us).

...or it was sexytime @ the Austin Air Sex competition.

Sad Faces Desk: On Thursday, I learned that Steven Tyler fell of the stage performing in Sturgis, SD for a bunch of dirty bikers and an even dirtier Meaghan McCain.

Well, this isn't funny at all. Steven ushered me through some rough times. Like when I was totally sans ladyfriend and Steve-O would croon as I would pretend that Alicia Silverstone was my lovah. Oh how I wish I could pull her back from the ledge before she takes the Nestea plunge onto that busy free way. ALICIA DON'T DO IT!

So obviously, this has me all shook up. The only comfort I can find as I hope for Steven's speedy recovery is this:


And to round out the politics of the day we have...

Wasn't that nice? Don't you feel like you actually did something this week. No? Me neither. We're just casualties of the sad detachment of a digital age. Am I being sarcastic? I don't even know anymore. Have a great week, ya'll. Or don't -what's the point.


Guess who's going on vacation?

That's right my literate friends! Daddy's going to Austin for vacation on Friday! So if there's a delay in the blog, please just picture me in LBJ's presidential cowboy boots -for I will be wearing them all week.

Thank you.

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