Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Have Fallen for Dance ..and I Can't Get Up

What's that? Oh, I'm just standing in passe. What are you doing?

You know, life is full of both hustle and bustle, and it is easy to overlook the finer things -culture, for instance. You need to stop overlooking, man. Just stop it. I mean, one day you could be writing offensive, wildly humorous blog postings and the next you could be standing on the subway platform, slip while you're trying to pick up a Butterfinger you just bought at Food Emporium, fall onto the tracks, get electrified by the third rail, mowed down by an speeding N/W train, and have your remains picked over by the Mole People who use your pancreas to flavor an otherwise bland shoe stew. Life is just that fragile, you gotta stop and smell the roses.

I began my rose-smelling last weekend, at my friend Ashley's request, by seeing Absinthe at the South Street Seaport. It proved to be a delightful evening of circus & burlesque that featured aerialists, contortionists, regurgitated bananas and tittays. You really couldn't ask for more in an evening out on the town. If anything you might ask for something less -like say, less regurgitated bananas, perhaps.

This weekend I amp'd up the high-brow-ity-ness by collecting culture buddy, Nurse Julie, and viewing a performance of the Fall for Dance Festival. The annual festival brings some of the finest dancers from around the world to perform in an evening of stand alone pieces to sold out crowds at New York City Center. Well, let me tell you friends, this was a treat.

Often, I feel dance performances can get a bad wrap. This is probably because we've been subjected to Donna Dinkle School of Dance recitals which feature chubby kids stuffed into spandex & sequined monstrosities and forced to carry out painful routines to "Me & My Shadow." It's enough to make anyone leery / homicidal.

Gunshy dance enthusiasts take heart! For this Saturday I snuck my imaginary video camera into the hall to illegally tape the performances, which I immediately posted on the YouTubes! So scoot your chair closer, it's time to Fall for Dance!

The first ones up were Biao Fang & Su Meng of China who performed the most captivating lyrical dance:

It was such a thrill to see them live. I had wanted to see them last year when they were in town, but the tickets would have cost me AN ARM AND A LEG.

Next up on the program was, Stacy Hedger, widely regarded in the dance community at-large as one of the finest American dancers working today. One glimpse at her performance below, and I think you'll see why:

I have goosebumps. Really, just fabulous. I mean this in earnest: if you had a turd for a brain, you'd almost feel like you were there... on the Death Star... fighting Darth Vader... with a trumpet. Simply majestic.

In the final segment, there was a thrilling performance by pop 'n locking dynamo, Tito Turtletop. As a special treat, at the conclusion of his performance he provided the audience with a quick master class:

Okay, okay it wasn't really a master class. Tito is notoriously epileptic and I wanted to see what would happen if I turned on a strobe light during his curtain speech. And now we know.

There were supposed to be another (2) acts, but with Tito epilepticly "mugging" all over the place and the handful of ambulances that arrived as a result, the evening was cut short. Oh sure, maybe they took away the privilege of attending any future City Center performances, but they can't take away the Magic of Dance which I will now carry around in my heart, just to the left of my pacemaker.

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Erica said...

Fantastic! AND, whose is that gorgeous passe next to you!?!? Tina Fey with some dope extensions? Or could it be?...... Ms. Palin herself?! DAMN she looks GOOD!!! And if she like dance as much as all that, she must have foreign policy experience!! I'm in.


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