Sunday, July 27, 2008

All Tied Up

Good Morning/Afternoon/Twilight/Eve, dear readers. What did you do this weekend? That's nice. Me? I sat on my couch eating yogurt and interstalking you on the 'book. General fatigue and overtly antisocial tendencies left me relegated to the comforts of my IKEA Kramfort.

Please don't pitty me or I will spit in your face, and as you know, most people don't spit in other peoples faces anymore, so that's something to think about. Spit aside, me staying holed up allowed for great discoveries on the TeeVee.

One such discovery was the 2nd season of the program, Mad Men. This show is now The Official Favorite TeeVee Program About 1960's Ad Execs of Patrick Garrigan. Not to be confused with Law & Order: SVU, The Official Favorite TeeVee Program About The Special Victims Unit of the New York Police Department, The Elite Squad of Detectives Who Investigate Sexually Based Crimes of Patrick Garrigan.

As I watched this hour of provocative television, I thought to myself, this is Greatness: overtly misogynistic themes, ladies with skinny waists and big tittays, massive consumption of high-end booze, and perpetual propagation of passive aggressive behavior. As I watched, I began to feel that this show was very much like our own GWGG, but I couldn't pin down that one feature that fully defined the parallel. Then it dawned on me:


As you'll note in the 'Man With Gumption' section of the page, since the inception of Greatness With Garrigan Gumption, we have been committed to precept that TIES=GREATNESS**. With that in mind, I have assembled:


Almost as moving as the inevitable Heath Ledger tribute when he posthumously wins an Oscar for Dark Knight, isn't it? Oh lighten up, I said he's gonna win an Oscar.

I hope you've enjoyed these moments in Tie Greatness. Now I must hit the hay, as I will have to see "people" tomorrow and I need to emotionally prepare. Good
Morning / Afternoon / Twilight / Eve.

**TIES=GREATNESS precept only applies to ties worn by men. When worn by women, TIES=LESBIAN. That is all.

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