Sunday, June 01, 2008

I Wrote A Book

Street meat lover, snarkiness connoisseur, stalker of your dog. Yes, kids I wear many hats. As of yesterday, I adorned yet another, author.

Since February of this year, you may have opened your e-mail, clicked on my spam e-mail alert and pressed through to GWGG seeking a little magic for your Monday; only to read the blog and have that scrumptious, "omigod that was a complete fucking waste of my time" feeling. You know, like this time or this time or this time. Well, I'd like to apologize, as those were the nights that I was busy WRITING A BOOK!

Earlier this year, I was given the opportunity to work with my boss to create a book for a very popular humorous reference series. Since that time we've worked together to compile 384 pages of literary Greatness over the course of these reclusive (4) months. Now, I can't really go into the title of the book or the release date just yet, but I just had to announce the achievement, for I am a braggart.

I think you are funny (and I don't want to write anymore this week), so I wanted to use this opportunity to introduce you to the comments section of the blog because I'm currently drunk and lazy. So you betta bring in the funny. I encourage you to click on the 'Comment' hyperlink at the bottom of this post and answer the question:

What is the title of Patrick's book?

The most hystericalest submission will receive this thrilling prize package:

  • $10 Gift Card to Chipotle
  • (1) Clown nose
  • Some old porn I need to get rid of
So let the commenting begin (or not), and you could win this luxurious prize package! If no one does it I'll put on a clown nose, eat a carnitas burrito, and enjoy some delicious vintage smut. It's a win/win.


rob said...

It's a self help book entitled "Ambush the Manbush! -An Idiot's Guide to the Art of Pubic Hair Sculpture" It's the book you were born to write

Erick said...

It's call Guns for Hire - An Idiot's Guide to Advancement in the Work Place through provocative dress. (gym membership not included).

Ashley said...

It's entitled "The guide to being a modern dandy...and other ways to get out having a real job"

eadie said...

It is called Tittays for Dummies. (subtitled Boobies for boobs)
Mr. Garrigan, foremost authority on street meat and all things tittay gives a brillant and condensed guide for teenage boys and voyeurs alike. With an introduction by Ron Jeremy.
This book is currently on back order in Staten Island.


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