Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dept. of The YouTubes - India is Sexy, Sexy

Knowledge is power. ...and I LOVE POWER!!! Mwaaahh hahahahahaha!

It is my unbridled desire for POWER that served as the impetus for my wildly successful Where in the World??? series, where I alphabetically teach myself about the countries of the world. Recently, I wrapped up Iceland where I learned that the adorable puffin is commonly used to make a scrumptious quiche. Delish!

Now an Iceland expert, it's time for India!

I like India. Their flag kinda looks like the Irish flag -except with a trippy blue wheel on it, so, ummm, that's neat. As I studied the fair land, I learned that their chief exports are jewellery, engineering goods and the magic of the performing arts.

Given my love for the performing arts & desire to provide you with the best in quality Indian music & dance, I spent the entire week scouring the YouTubes to bring you (2) of the finest pieces of art ever created.

Benny Lava [YouTube]

"Some day I'll sell DNA." You won't find those lyrics in "Gimme More," will ya? Nope.

Oh, I gotta tell you, that video got me a little hot. Especially, during the "I'd like to swim in it, I'd like to swim in it" bit. What with those no-so-foxy dancers & their matching pastels. It was all just so naughty. I had this overwhelming urge to have a lot of sex with numerous anonymous strangers!

Luckily, the India Department of Exports has a very popular PSA video that combines the magic of dance with a message of personal responsibility. Enjoy.

Condom Song [YouTube]

Best part of that clip? The (4) frames of random gay sex. Just like a Disney film.

Alright... Alright! I lied! There is no Where in the World??? series. I just really wanted an excuse to share those videos. I'm sorry. I couldn't continue the facade any further. All the same, I know you'll forgive me. Why? Because I think we can all agree that a life without having seen a dancing Indian condom, is a life half lived.


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Sami said...

I'm scared! I think I saw my doctor dancing in the dirt in his jammies singing about condoms.


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