Sunday, November 04, 2007

Me No Smart No More

I am stupider. I can feel it. My brain does not work well. As well. At all. Me dumber with flashing photo story box. I think of time me make read of letters grouped & make brain picture. Sometimes on interwebzz screen sometimes on thin cut up treez. I talk letter groups to people about events on globe. All that gone. Where it go?

Lucidity briefly falls and I remember a different time. A time before I got cable....

Yes, folks there was a period when all I needed was The Peacock, The Eye & Whatever the Fuck ABC's Symbol Is. It was a simpler time: a time when I just got my new couch; a time when I curled up with my current lady friend; a time when I was black.

All that is gone. Two weeks ago, my roomate, Joey, went behind my back and got cable without my permission. Oh, how I protested that he would bring such a perversion of taste into my home and proclaimed that I would not pay for it. That lasted (2.5) hours.

I am now an eager consumer of mind-numbing TV bile. ...and the lucidity fades....

Girls. Too much face paint. Titties go jiggle joggle. Make happy dance. (4) hours go bye-bye. Nothing to show for evening.

Bigger loser than me in high school. Want make be something stupid. Washed up coach make loud noise at them. Loser cry. Big show. Loser still loser, but now loser learn imperceivable life lesson. Coach cash check.

Patrick do attempt good be smarter more. Watch news TV. Sanjaya Gooupta = snoozefestMD. Patrick discoverz his Planet in Parrell. Pretty upset about Parrell thing. Much misses Judy Woodruff. Judy, PBS? Really? CNN better (2) yearzz a-go.

As clarity washes over me once more I can tell I'm in a bad way. How I long for rabbit ears.

Um, yeah. I worked the New York Marathon today, so I've been up since 2:30am. I have no idea what I have just written. It's probably total shite. Luckily, my readers have exceptionally low standards & are just glad they got another post that includes the word titties. Titties. You're welcome.

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Sade Bederinwaaa said...

I salute you! Also, the redhead on the Cowgirls show is fantastic! Too bad her makeover didn't render her more dramatically different. Also! A WHITE WOMAN WON THE MARATHON!??!?!?!?! I bet it's cuz she had the PLAIN ENERGY PowerGel. Cuz it tastes JUST like winning.

And yellow goat.


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