Sunday, October 28, 2007

If You Only See One Skit...

I live an active lifestyle. Luckily, I take a multivitamin.

Given that fall is the official favorite season of Patrick Garrigan, my evenings have been chock full of exciting activities/projects. Why just this week I opened the World Premiere of my new feel good musical, Tsunami 2: Back in the Habit-A Wave of Musical Delight, had my Halloween costume renderings put on display at the MoMA (at left), and single handedly stomped out the obesity epidemic. Go me.

Despite my jetset lifestyle, I like to pencil in what I call "Patrick Time" wherein I set aside a specific block of time to enjoy some of the culture that the 'ol city has to offer.

This week's "Patrick Time" took me to Union Square where I was accosted by a dirty hippie who asked me if he could borrow my credit card for an hour. Following this "cute" little exchange, I entered the Daryl Roth Theatre where I enjoyed a new show called Fuerzabruta. What's Fuerzabruta, you ask? Well, Helen had the guys in the AV Dept. pull together a little video for you. Roll tape.

Sexy, sexy. I'm going to lay it plain: I whole heartedly endorse this show as the best thing I have ever seen. Seriously. Now, normally for such an honorable mention I ask my standard $50k & bathtub full of Jujyfruits. However, unlike my first wife, this endorsement comes with no strings attached. I am just so grateful for a show to come along that hits nearly every mark on the Patrick Garrigan Exceptional Culture Checklist.

Patrick Garrigan Exceptional Culture Checklist

  1. Titties. -Check
  2. Eurotrash techno music played at all times. -Check
  3. Elderly audience members humorously hit in the head with large pieces of flying debris. -Check
  4. Show culminates with delectable surf 'n turf dining experience. -No
  5. Show utilizes out of work airport ground crew as stagehands -Check
  6. Someone in show wears George Washington wig. -Check
  7. Show makes me all sweaty in my "no-no" places. -Check
  8. 85% of set constructed out of dynamic combination of aluminum foil & love. -Check
  9. Performers get all Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on my ass. -Check
  10. One lucky audience member wins a pony. -No
Pretty impressive showing there, Fuerzabruta. But seriously folks, go see this fecking show. Get your nerve up to ask Sue (or ladies, that dreamy Tom) from Accounts Payable if s/he'd like to join you for an evening they'll never forget. Then creepily begin licking your lips. You'll be glad you did!

Halloween Update
What did I dress up as for Halloween?
A Leprechaun. ...and yes ladies Daddy was magically delicious.

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