Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Rough One

In light of the VT shootings, it is fair to say that this was a rough week for just about everyone that I know. During this time it is easy to get sucked in and dwell on all that is awful in this world.

While this week was total shite, I think it is important to take a moment to contemplate the personal everyday joys that help to center us when dealing with tragedy:

  • Peanut butter sandwich and a beer

  • Playing "Danger Zone" and pretending that I am a fighter pilot who misplaced his plane
  • Doing a jig
  • Pomade and a mirror
  • Unexpected evenings
  • Touching priceless works of art when no one is looking
  • David Sedaris reading one of his stories on NPR

  • The first sip of morning coffee

  • Contemplating the next tattoo (I'm thinking Care Bears)

  • Smiling because tomorrow's gonna be better

Obviously, not your usual dose of snarkiness. But I think this week a humble smile is more where it's at. Make your own list (but don't include clowns on it) and share it with somebody. May not cure the world's ailments, but it's a nice reminder of what's good.

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