Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hello and Goodbye

Hello Autumn, I'm so glad I found you. This weekend, you walked into my life. Since meeting you my whole world has changed. You have called on the leaves in Central Park to change, the sweaters come out, and with this, we begin our exciting new relationship. Don't tell any of the other seasons, but you are my favorite. There are so many things about you that get me excited.

There's the palpable sensory aspect of you. You are truly enthralling. What can I say? First off, there is your dynamic sense of color! Your oranges, your reds, your deep greens, your grays, your rich blues and purples that paint the sky. You're fashionable without being flashy. Your colors explode to give you a welcoming crispness.

Oh, and with your delicious smells, Autumn, you hypnotize me. You have created one of the few times in New York where I can smell the trees and the air feels like I am the first one to inhale it. Your impact has woken me up and made me aware of the things that surround me. You, Autumn, are the relationship that connects me to the city, the outdoors and the people who inhabit my life. I look forward to the times that we're going to share in the next few months and beyond. I don't want to jump the gun, but Autumn, I think I might love you.

With the entrance of a new relationship we must say goodbye to another.

Goodbye Summer, you skanky ho, I shall not miss you.

Summer, I don't know we just never hit it off. I'm sorry. Really, no, please don't be like that. I promise. It's not you, its me. You're right I shouldn't have started this conversation off that way. Of course, you are incredibly beautiful. Here's the thing. You're just not the one for me.

Ultimately, I find you oppressive. Sure I, like any guy, enjoy getting hot and sweaty with you. It's just that its not appropriate ALL the time. A lot of times, I had places to go and we're together in the subway and you go trying to make me all sweaty- when we both know the only thing that is going to happen is we're going to end up drenched and agitated.

Its just that I need some space. In the time we were together, I never felt I could get away from you. Even when we were enjoying alone time in AC, I could just tell that you were still there. No, its not funny, its called stalking. ..and its not cool.

Furthermore, you' re an expensive date. In the times we were together I had to pay exorbitant amounts to brand names like ConEd, Westinghouse and Gatorade. Frankly, Summer, you cause me to live outside of my means and I need to be more fiscally responsible. You need to be with a guy who can support you in the lifestyle in which you have become accustomed.

Sure we had good times. Who could ever forget us hanging out in the park eating sushi and making fun of runners. Then there's the game of "where's the thong" that you created, I will never forget that. You bring out wonderful things in people you really do. You deserve to be with someone who shares more of your common interests and I'm not that guy.

Summer, I wish you well. I'm with someone new and I want you to respect that. Please just give me some time with my new girl. Maybe we'll hang out next year or something. Okay?

Goodbye, Summer. Goodbye.

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